Friday, April 15, 2011


hi ! okayyy so i came across this company called eco lips, and decided to do a giveaway & my friends at ecolips will send my winner an ECO LIPS GOLD LIP BALM ON an ECO CLIP. EcoLips is a great company that makes organic and natural lip balms, i am currently waiting on my package from them in the mail & once i receive them i will let all you guys know exactly how they are ! in the mean time check ECO LIPS facebook page out, and follow them on twitter


  1. hey not to be slow lol but... how exactly are you choosing the winner??

  2. hey! im gonna post a vid on my youtube channel as soon as i get my package letting you guys know all the details. do you have a channel?

  3. youtube? yes but i dnt post videos :/...u shud put the video on here too wen u post it...